Ontario Lamb Chops   $ 32.50 

Fresh Ontario lamb marinated in fresh herbs and grilled to perfection.

Seared Scallops   $ 29.50 

Large succulent sea scallops, lightly seared and prepared with garlic, shallots, EVOO, white wine & a Caper Berry Butter Sauce.

Lake Erie Pickerel    $ 22.50 

Local pickerel, tossed in corn flour and pan-seared to a golden brown. Served with lemon a caper berry butter sauce.

Lake Erie Perch    $ 20.50 

Fresh Lake Erie perch tossed in corn flour and pan seared to a golden brown. Served with lemon caper butter sauce.

Chicken Souvlaki    $ 19.50 

Free range chicken, marinated in a blend of fresh herbs and spices. Served with tzatziki.

Tagliata Alla Robespierre$ 30.50 

Sliced New York Steak, marinated and grilled. Finished with tomatoes, parmesan and an Aged Balsamic & Garlic EVOO sauce.

12 oz. New York Steak    $ 29.50 

28-Day dry aged and cut from Angus Beef marinated in our signature blend of fresh Herbs & Cajun spices. Grilled to your liking.

Grilled Meatball$ 24.50 

Ground lamb & beef, seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs, grilled to perfection.

Atlantic Salmon$ 24.50 

8oz. pan-seared Atlantic salmon fillet, finished with a lemon dill sauce.

Antipasto Plater   Serves 2 – $ 17.50
Serves 4 – $ 24.50 

Cured meat, prosciutto, salami and parmesan cheese.

Mediterranean Apperizer   $ 16.50 

Chef’s special; made fresh daily! and served with pita bread.

Crab Cakes   $ 13.50 

Homemade with 100% crab and lobster meat. Served with a house tartar sauce.

Crispy Coconut+Shirp    $ 12.50 

Fresh jumbo shrimp coated in bread crumbs and shaved coconut, lightly fried.

Garlic Bread    $ 7.50

Fresh Baguette layered with homemade Garlic Butter and oven baked.

Fried Calamari   $14.50 

Fresh calamari, battered in house and lightly fried to a golden brown.

Grilled Calamari$ 17.50

Tender Calamari, marinated in lemon juice, herbs, and EVOO. Grilled to perfection.

Houzz Chicken Wings $ 16.50 

Lightly marinated, seasoned and oven roasted, served with carrots, cucumbers & dip.

Fish and chips   $ 16.50 

Beer battered lake erie perch, fried to a tender crunch. Served with fries & coleslaw.

Beef Moussaka   $ 19.50 

A hearty dish made with layers of eggplant, saucy ground beef and topped with Bechamel sauce. Served with rice.

Vegetables Moussaka    $ 17.50 

Layers of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and topped with a basil tomato sauce. Served with rice

Penne Arrabiata    $ 16.50 

Penne pasta prepared with a garlic and basil spicy tomato sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Spaguetti & Meatballs   $ 18.50 

Basil infused tomato sauce and homemade meatballs served over spaghetti pasta. Served with garlic bread.

Seafood Pasta    $ 22.50 

Spaghetti pasta tossed with shrimp, calamari, scallops, cherry tomatoes and fresh parsley in a white wine, lemon & Garlic Aglio e Olio. Ask for it to be spicy!

Seared Scallops  $ 32.50 

Lake Frie Perch $ 20.50 

12 oz Vy Steak$ 29.50 

Great Meatball $ 24.50 

Atlantic Salmon$ 24.50 


Caesar SaladSide $ 8.50 
Meal $ 12.50

Crispy romanie lettuce, garlic croutons and bacon bits in a Creamy Caesar Dressing.

Greek SaladSide $ 8.50 
Meal $ 12.50

Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, black olives and feta cheese with Houzz oregano vinaigrette.

Blueberry Spice
Walnut Salad
Side $ 9.50 
Meal $ 13.50

Romaine lettuce, blueberries, spiced walnuts and feta cheese tossed in a red wine vinaigrette.

Roasted Beet SaladSide – $ 9.50 
Meal – $ 13.50

Crispy Romaine lettuce, roasted beets, goat cheese and toasted almonds.

Add to your Salad

Chicken – $6.95 | Salmon – $9. 95 | Shirmp – $7. 90 | Dessert – $8. 00

Served with berry sauce and crushed walnuts

Kids menu is available for children aged 12 & under.

Pan-Seared fish$ 10.50 

Served with fries

Pasta & Meatballs$ 11.50 

Light tomato sauce

Grilled Meatball$ 12.50 

With fries or rice

Chicken Schnitzel$ 11.50 

With rice or fries

Pasta & Butter$ 8.50 

With parmesan cheese

Pasta & Sauce$ 9.50 

With parmesan cheese


White clow
$ 7.50 

Mango or Blackberry

Palm Bay$ 7.50 

Straw berry Pineapple

WINE Konzeman 6 oz / 9 oz

Chardonnay | Pinot | Grigio Riesling | Merlot | Cal Saw | Shiraz



  • Pinot noir $65
  • Rosé $45
  • Sparking Riesling $40
  • Merlot Reserve $45



  • Bud Light $5.95
  • Bud $5.95
  • Canadian $5.95
  • Coors Light  $5.95
  • Heineken $6.95
  • Corona $6.95
  • Stella $6.95


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